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Automovil Club Argentino (ACA) Museum - Buenos Aires
Pictures & visitor info from the Argentine Automobile Club antique car & motorcycle museum in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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The headquarters of the Automovil Club Argentino (Argentine Automobile Club) or "ACA" for short is located at Avenida Del Libertador 1850 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

On the second floor there is a small museum filled with antique and classic automobiles, trucks, motorcycles and memorabilia.

Visitors are welcome Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 5 PM. It's a free attraction, so automotive history enthusiasts should be sure to stop in for a quick visit.

Some of the featured vehicles include a 1904 Cadillac, a 1971 Brabham BT 36 racecar, a 1979 Minimoto Graciela scooter, a 1924 Hudson, a 1927 Yruam, a 1911 Wanderer from Germany, a 1908 Fiat from Italy, and a 1912 Daimler from England.

Architecture buffs will also appreciate the ACA building's Rationalist style, designed by Buenos Aires architect Alejandro Bustillo

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The Automovil Club Argentino or "ACA" is Argentina's largest automobile club and provides a variety of travel and roadside emergency services to its members. International visitors who are also members of their country's automobile club, such as the AAA in the United States, should check in at an ACA office to see if they qualify for any "reciprocal" member benefits.
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