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Baires Beer Festival - Palermo, Buenos Aires
Pictures, a video clip, and visitor information from the Baires Beer Festival held in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-001 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-002 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-003
Rock Concert

These pictures are from the Baires Beer Festival held in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina on March 3rd, 2007.

The festival began around 6 PM but we waited till a few hours later to arrive. The cost was $30 pesos per person (~$10 USD).

It took us about 30 minutes of walking around the festival and checking out the bands on stage before we realized that there was no beer being served.

I spotted a small sticker on a beer stand's counter that basically said: "by local law, no alcohol is to be served until the live musical performance ends".

After the headlining band, "Los Cafres" finished at around 11 PM, we were able to get our first taste of beer by 11:25 PM.

Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-004 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-005 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-006
Despite the initial disappointment of not being able to buy or drink any beer for several hours during the Baires Beer Music Festival, we did enjoy sampling some of the local brews. A few of the beer brands available included the Baires Artesanal beer, Cassaro, Warsteiner, BarbaRoja, Antares, Isenbeck, Neffer, Boxer, Lecker, Centurion, Grolsch,
Empty Beer Booths & Bars
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-008 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-009
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-010 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-011
Main Stage
Music = No Beer!
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-013 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-014 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-015
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-016 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-017 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-018
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-019 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-020 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-021
Los Cafres Band Performing
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-022 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-023 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-024
11:26 PM - First Beer

Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-025 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-026 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-027
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-028 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-029 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-030
Micro Brew Beers
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-032 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-033
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-034 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-035 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-036
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-037 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-038 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-039
Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-040 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-041 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-042
The Baires Beer Festival ended with a "desfile" or fashion show on the Isenbeck beer stage featuring several Argentinean fashion models wearing sexy bikini tops, mini skirts and hot shorts.
Isenbeck Fashion Show
Argentine Fashion Models
Bikini Tops, Skirts & Shorts
During the festival, I captured some video clips and then later edited them into a short movie. To view or "stream" the video, left click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Baires Beer Festival Video Clip - Palermo, Buenos Aires

Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-046 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-047 Baires-Beer-Festival-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-048
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