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Bodega Cava de Cano Winery & Restaurant - Mendoza
Pictures & visitor info from a winery tour of Cava de Cano & a review of the restaurant in Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.

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One of the most memorable meals we had during our entire trip throughout South America was at the Bodega Cava de Cano located in Mendoza, Argentina.

This small or "micro" winery creates excellent red wines such as their 2007 Syrah in a space the size of a two car garage.

The buildings at Cava de Cano are old colonial style structures and some of the restaurants dining rooms are actually converted underground tanks.

We actually ate here twice since we enjoyed the first experience so much. The first time was in an above ground room decorated with antique wine making tools. The second time was in one of the underground wine storage tanks.

If I remember correctly, the price of the buffet was about $60 Argentine Pesos per person (about $20 USD at the time).

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We first ended up going to Bodega Cava de Cano due to a recommendation by the staff member at The Vines of Mendoza. She told us that the buffet lunch was exquisite and added it to our list of winery tours for the day.

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After a quick tour of the winery area, our waiter took us to a semi private lunch room already set up with a variety of appetizers. Some of the appetizers included cheeses, deli meats, salami, olives, dried fruits, roasted vegetables, fresh fruits, savory pastries, toasted breads and sliced sausages.
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Then the waiter opened an unlabeled bottle of red wine for the table and went away to fetch the first of the hot "tapas" (appetizers). The hot tapas were seasoned chicken on the bone, homemade empanadas (meat filled bread pockets) and fresh pasta with meat sauce.
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For dessert, we were served a piece of cake during one visit and ice cream on the other visit. During our first visit, the waiter even brought the two of us a third bottle of wine. I asked in Spanish "is that for us", which he replied "yes". I thanked him but said that we were very full and couldn't eat or drink anything else.
Grape Bunch Hanging
Winery Signs
I'd highly recommend visiting Bodega Cava de Cano and experiencing the amazing lunch they offer if you'll be visiting the Mendoza region of Argentina.
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Bodega Cava de Cano is located at San Martin 2488, Mayor Drummond, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina. To reach the staff, call the local phone number: 498 7283.
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Antique Grape Press
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Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-028 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-029 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-030
During our visit, I captured some video clips and then later edited them into a short movie. To view or "stream" the video, left click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Bodega Cava de Cano Winery Video - Mendoza, Argentina

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Colonial Style Building
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Table of Appetizers
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Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-040 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-041 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-042
Quail Eggs?
Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-043 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-044 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-045
Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-047 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-048
Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-049 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-050 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-051
Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-052 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-053 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-054
Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-055 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-056 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-057
Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-058 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-059 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-060
Homemade Spaghetti
Red Wine
Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-062 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-063
Ice Cream Dessert
Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-065 Bodega-Cava-de-Cano-Mendoza-Argentina-066

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