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Calle Florida Shopping District - Buenos Aires
Pictures and visitor info from a trip to the Calle Florida (Florida Street) pedestrian retail center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Calle Florida is the most popular outdoor shopping district in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

It is located close to the Plaza de Mayo where Peru street crosses over Rivadavia and becomes "Florida" street.

The street was turned into a pedestrian only passageway in 1913. Since then, the stores here have mostly catered to tourists by selling leather goods, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry and books.

If the weather isn't behaving, shoppers can duck into the nearby Galerias Pacifico indoor mall.

At night, the congestion in the area decreases when the workers in the nearby financial district of Buenos Aires go home. Then Florida street becomes filled with street performers such as tango dancers, comedians, and living statues.

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