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Canal Parrilla Al Carbon Restaurant - Palermo, Buenos Aires
Pictures, visitor info and a diner's review from a meal at the Canal Parrilla Al Carbon restaurant in Palermo, Buenos Aires.

Canal-Parrilla-Al-Carbon-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-001 Canal-Parrilla-Al-Carbon-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-002

Yet another excellent restaurant that we discovered near our apartment in Palermo was the Canal Parilla Al Carbon in Palermo.

The restaurant's name indicates that they grill all the meats using "carbon" a.k.a. charcoal, which gives it a distinctive smoky flavor.

To start off the meal, we ordered some raw salted ham (jamon crudo) with melon and cheese.

We chose a 2006 bottle of Latitud 33 Malbec wine to accompany our meal of a traditional mixed asado (BBQ).

The entire meal was only 120 pesos which at the time was about $40 USD.

Canal-Parrilla-Al-Carbon-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-003 Canal-Parrilla-Al-Carbon-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-004
Canal-Parrilla-Al-Carbon-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-005 Canal-Parrilla-Al-Carbon-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-006
Canal-Parrilla-Al-Carbon-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-007 Canal-Parrilla-Al-Carbon-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-008
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