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Carnal Bar - Palermo Hollywood, Buenos Aires
Pictures and visitor info from a trip to the Carnal Bar located in the Palermo suburb of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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Carnal is a restaurant and bar or "resto bar" located in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

The bar's address is Niceto Vega 5511 at the intersection of Humbolt and the staff can be reached by phone at 4772-7582.

This place features a great roof terrace that gets busy in summer with great music. There is also a cozy downstairs area with couches and another bar.

I tried to take some more pictures of the eclectically decorated bar area when we were leaving, but the bartender told me that it was not allowed.

The popular Niceto nightclub is located directly across the street with more of a techno/dance club atmosphere.

Carnal-Bar-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-005 Carnal-Bar-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-006 Carnal-Bar-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-007 Carnal-Bar-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-008
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