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Gualeguaychu - Entre Rios, Argentina
Pictures and visitor information from a trip to the town of Gualeguaychu in Entre Rios, Argentina to see the Carnaval.

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We took a three hour bus ride from Buenos Aires to the small town of Gualeguaychu located about 200 km north to see Argentina's Carnaval event.

The Gualeguaychu Parades weren't going to start for a few hours, so we went looking for a place to eat.

We ended up eating at a nice little barbeque place called Campo Alto Asador Libre. I ordered us an asado sampler platter with a variety of traditional Argentine cuts of beef and organ meats.

After dinner, we walked along the main street and went to watch boats cruising along the light brown waters of the town's river.

Then around 10:30 PM it was finally time to walk over to the "Corsodromo" parade stadium to watch the colorful floats and costumes.

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