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Helisul Iguazu Falls Helicopter Tour - Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil
Pictures, a video clip, and visitor info from the Helisul helicopter tour over Iguazu Falls in Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil, South America.


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Helisul Waiting Area

Helicopter Pad

Helisul Blue/White Helicopter


One of the highlights of our trip through South America was the Helisul Helicopter Tour over Foz Do Iguacu (Iguazu Falls) in Brazil.

The Helisul Taxi Aereo (air taxi) tour office and helicopter pad is located on Avenida Das Cataratas (Falls Avenue) at KM 16.5 in the city of Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil.

To reach the Helisul staff by phone, dial (Country Code) +55  (Area Code) 045 (Telephone Number) 3529-7474.

To get to Helisul we took a short taxi ride from the Hotel Saint George in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina over the border to the city of Foz Do Iguacu in Brazil.

Once we arrived at Helisul, we paid about $75 USD per person for the 10 minute flight over Iguazu Falls (A.K.A. "Iguassu") and waited a few minutes for two other tourists to arrive.

Agua De Coco (Coconut Water)
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-005 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-006
In preparation for our one day tour of Parque Nacional Do Iguacu (Iguacu Falls National Park) and the Helisul tour in Brazil, we purchased Brazilian tourist visas for a "reciprocity" fee of $100 USD each at the Embassy of Brazil in Miami, Florida.

I've read that some people have been able to cross over from Argentina into Brazil to view the Brazilian side of Iguassu Falls without having a Brazilian Visa, but we didn't want to risk it. The Brazilian tourist visa in our passports is good for five years, so at least we can visit Brazil in the near future without having to pay the $100 fee again.

Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-007 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-008 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-009
Luckily, I was first to the helicopter and was able to jump in the front passenger seat. The three rear seats of the helicopter have excellent views as well from the large side windows. The front seat's slight advantage is that you can also see the falls beneath your feet through the windows on the floor.
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-010 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-011 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-012
Helicopter Gauges & Stick
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-014 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-015
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-016 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-017 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-018

Forest & Lakes
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-020 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-021
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-022 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-023 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-024
Rio de Iguassu
Iguassu River
Helicopter Foot Controls
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-028 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-029 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-030
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-031 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-032 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-033
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-034 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-035 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-036
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-037 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-038 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-039
Hotel Des Cataratas
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-040 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-041 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-042
During the Helisul Helicopter Tour over Iguazu Falls, I captured some short video clips and then later edited them into a short movie. To view or "stream" the video, left click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Helisul Iguazu Falls Helicopter Tour Video Clip - Foz Do Iguacu, Brazil

Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-043 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-044 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-045
Iguazu Falls
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-047 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-048
Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-049 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-050 Helisul-Helicopter-Tour-Foz-Do-Iguacu-Brazil-051
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