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Iguazu Falls National Park - Misiones, Argentina
Pictures, videos, and visitor information from a trip to "Parque Nacional Iguazu" in the Misiones province of Argentina.


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Iguazu Falls National Park
Parque Nacional Iguazu
Area Cataratas Park Map

Iguazu Falls is one of those amazing places in that world that everyone should have on their "must see" travel plans.

Since we were already in Argentina, we first visited the Parque Nacional Iguazu located in the country's Misiones province. The 500+ images on this page and the other 8 pages are all from just the Iguazu Falls National Park belonging to Argentina.

To get there, we took a short domestic flight from Aeroparque Jorge Newbery in Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazú city. Our lodging for the next few days was the Hotel Saint George.

The Iguazu Falls tour that we signed up for took us to the Parque Nacional Iguazu in Argentina first, and then over the border to the Parque Nacional Do Iguaçu in Brazil the next day.

On our last day, we hired a taxi to take us back into "Brasil" to see "Foz Do Iguassu" from the air with Helisul Helicopter Tours.

Organize Your Visit Sign
Park's Front Entrance
Walkway After Entrance
In the morning, the tour company picked us up in their small bus. The Parque Nacional Iguazu was a short 15-20 minute bus ride from our hotel in the city of Puerto Iguazu. The entrance fee of 30 Argentine pesos, or about $10 dollars US, was included in the price of our tour package. If you'd like to stay closer to the falls, there is a Sheraton Hotel located near the entrance of the park.
Arts & Crafts For Sale
Red Tile Walkways
Visitors Center
The sign located after the entrance to the park has a suggested itinerary that proceeds in the following order: 1. Ibira Reta Visitors Center (Centro de Visitantes Ibyra Reta) 25 minutes, 2. Green Trail (Sendero Verde) 20 minutes, 3. Ecological Train of the Jungle (Tren Ecologico de la Selva) at Waterfalls Station (Estacion Cataratas), 4. The Devil's Throat (Garganta del Diablo) 2 hours, 5. Food Court (Patio de Comidas), 6. Upper Circuit (Circuito Superior) 1 hour, 7. Lower Circuit (Circuito Inferior) 75 minutes, 8. San Martin Island (Isla San Martin) 90 minutes, 9. Macuco Trail (Sendero Macuco) 2 hours 30 minutes, 10. Second Day Pass (Pase Segundo Dia) 50% discount, 11. Full Moon Walk (Paseos de Luna Llena).
Gift Shop / Information
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-011 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-012
Map of Iguazu Falls
It can take up to eight hours to see all that the Parque Nacional Iguazu has to offer and experience, so be sure to get plenty of sleep the night before. If you ditch your tour guide and group, you may be able to see the park more quickly by walking faster and spending less time at each look out point. I'd also recommend bringing a water resistant camera or a waterproof snorkeling/diving case for your digital camera. As you get closer to the falls, the air becomes saturated with water droplets and you'll become surrounded by a fine mist. Then when you approach the roaring Devil's Throat (Garganta del Diablo), you'll be soaked by sprays from the rushing waterfalls. Without my Canon underwater case, I wouldn't have been able to take pictures so close to the falls without damaging the camera.
San Martin Island Ferry
Wildlife - Hares
Banos / Restrooms
The Parque Nacional Iguazu is open to the public during the summer from September 1st through March 31st between the hours of 8 AM and 7 PM. During the winter, the park is open from April 1st to August 31st between 8 AM and 6 PM. Be sure to watch the time during your visit to the Iguazu Falls National Park. There is a fine for anyone caught still in the park after closing time.
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-016 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-017
Restaurante La Selva
Precious Stones Gift Shop
The price of admission has risen slightly since our recent visit with general admission rising from about $10 US to 60 Argentine pesos or about $15.50 US dollars. There are discounts for residents of the Mercosur area (Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil), citizens of Argentina, residents of the Misiones Province, children age 6-12, children under 6, handicapped or disable people, and local residents of Puerto Iguazu. Only Argentine pesos are accepted for admission into Parque Nacional Iguazu.
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-019 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-020
Green Trail
Sendero Verde
One of my favorite parts about visiting the Parque Nacional Iguazu was going on the "Grand Adventure Tour" which included a boat ride under the falls at the Garganta de Diablo (Devil's Throat) and a 4x4 truck ride through the jungle. The cost was about $30 US per person for the 15 minute boat ride and 10 minute 4x4 ride. Check out this Grand Adventure Tour Video Clip.
Railroad Crossing On Trail
Be Wary of Animals
Train Tracks

Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-025 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-026
Estacion Cataratas
Waterfalls Train Station
During our visit, I captured many small video clips in between taking these 100's of pictures. I edited together these clips into two short videos. To view the movies, click on the large blue links below. They are encoded in the Windows Media Video (WMV) format. To download the files to your hard drive, right click on the links and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" depending on which browser you are using.

Iguazu Falls National Park Video Clip - Misiones, Argentina

Grand Adventure Waterfalls Boat Tour & 4X4 Jungle Ride Video

Train Locomotive
Next Departure 9:45
Passengers On Train
Ecological Train of Jungle
Tourists At River Side
Park Ranger Station
Devil's Throat Trail
Paseo Garganta del Diablo
Single File On Boardwalk
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-037 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-038 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-039
Rapidly Flowing River
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-040 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-041 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-042
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-043 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-044 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-045
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-046 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-047
Snakes Caution Sign
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-049 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-050 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-051
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-052 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-053 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-054
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-055 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-056
Crowd of Tourists
Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-058 Parque-Nacional-Iguazu-Misiones-Argentina-059
Eroding Red Rocks
Mist From Devil's Throat
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