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Jardin Japones (Japanese Garden) - Palermo, Buenos Aires
Pictures, a video, & visitor info from a trip to the Japanese Garden located in Palermo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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Info Sign & Admission Fees
Red Japanese Banners
Wooden Japanese Gate

One of the best ways to escape the frenzy of Buenos Aires is to visit the scenic and peaceful "Jardin Japones" located in the Palermo neighborhood.

The Japanese Garden is situated at the corner of Avenida Figueroa Alcorta and Avenida Casares surrounded by the lush green Palermo Woods.

Visitors are welcome in the Jardin Japones every day from 10 AM to 6 PM including holidays.

The admission fee is $4 pesos per adult over 10 years of age on weekends or holidays, $3 pesos for adults on weekdays, and $1 peso for children aged 6 to 10. Retired people or pensioners who are citizens or Argentina are allowed in for free Monday through Friday.

Guided tours of the Japanese Garden are given Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays.

Buenos Aires Jardin Japones
Japanese Garden Main Entrance
Argentina's Seal & Symbol
Some of the features of the Japanese Garden include a "salon cultural" (cultural center), a "confiteria" (snack bar), a "biblioteca" (library), a "kiosco/regaleria" (gift shop), and the "Vivero Kadan" (Kadan nursery). There are bamboo plants, bonsai trees and other traditional Japanese horticulture items on sale at the nursery.
Walkway Into Garden
Garden Map
Peaceful Lake
A few of the sights you'll enjoy while walking around the Jardin Japones are the multiple ponds, small waterfalls, a bright red Japanese bridge, koi goldfish, Japanese stone lanterns, ducks, checkered lawn art, bonsai trees, koi windsocks, and meticulously manicured landscaping.
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-010 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-011 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-012
Arched Wooden Bridge
After enjoying a stroll around the gardens, we went in to the "Salon Cultural" (cultural center) to examine their collection of Japanese artifacts. Some of the items they had on display were traditional kimonos, dolls, paper lanterns and intricately woven silk fabric works of art.
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-013 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-014 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-015
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-016 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-017 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-018
Salon Cultural
During our visit to the Jardin Japones, I captured a short video clip of the Japanese koi goldfish swimming around in the water and begging to be fed. To view or "stream" the video, click on the blue link below. To download the video to your hard drive, right click on the link and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". The video is encoded in the WMV (Windows Media Video) format, runs about 16 seconds long and has a file size of 4 megabytes.

Jardin Japones Koi Goldfish Video - Palermo, Buenos Aires

Large Boulders
Koi Windsocks
Koi Goldfish In Pond

Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-022 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-023 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-024
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-025 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-026 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-027
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-028 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-029
Koi Feeding
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-031 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-032 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-033
Residential Towers
Japanese Gazebo
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-037 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-038
Stone Lantern
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-040 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-041 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-042
Duck By Pond
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-044 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-045
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-046 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-047 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-048
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-049 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-050 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-051
Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-052 Jardin-Japones-Palermo-Buenos-Aires-053
Lush Green Landscaping
Red Japanese Bridge


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