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Temaiken Zoo - Escobar - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Pictures, videos, and visitor info from a trip to the Bioparque Temaiken located in Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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Temaiken Front Gate
Temaiken Parking Lot
Ticket Windows & Entrance

Temaiken Zoo is located about 48 kilometers or 30 miles away from the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

The smaller "Jardín Zoológico" in the heart of Buenos Aires is conveniently located and a great attraction, but I highly recommend making the trip out to the Temaiken "Bioparque" if you have the time.

The best way to get to Bioparque Temaiken is to walk or take a taxi to Plaza Italia in Palermo. The plaza is right in front of the entrance to the Buenos Aires Zoo at Avenida Sante Fe and Avenida Sarmiento.

Then look for the buses and small ticket booths that are near the plaza. Tickets for the # 60 Semi-Rapido bus can be purchased for just a few pesos. On the bus, you'll see small signs that say "Vamos A Temaiken" which means "We're Going To Temaiken".

Large Temaiken Sign
Admission Prices Board
Plaza After Entrance Gates
The # 60 Semi-Rapido bus line departs from Plaza Italia every 15-20 minutes and can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes to arrive at Temaiken Zoo depending on how long the various stops take. I've read that there is also a "rapido" (express) bus that can take you there much more quickly. Return tickets can either be purchased in advance at Plaza Italia or from the podium set up in front of Temaiken Zoo by the parking lot. I'd highly recommend going on a weekday morning to avoid the weekend crowds on the streets, in the bus, and at the attraction.
Globe Fountain
Flamingos Habitat
Pink Flamingos Grooming
The price of admission for adults is $48 pesos, $24 pesos on Tuesdays, or $65 for an annual pass. Tickets for children 3 to 10 years old cost $35 pesos, $17.50 pesos on Tuesdays, or $45 pesos for an annual pass. Kids under 3 years of age are allowed into Temaiken Zoo for free. Retired people or "jubilados" pay the same rates as children aged 3 to 10. Try to plan your visit for a Tuesday so you can take advantage of their half price discount.
Gift Shop Plush Animals
Fast Food Eatery & Tables
Fountain Spraying In Air
Temaiken Zoo is open from Tuesday through Sunday from 10 AM to 7 PM during the summer, which in Buenos Aires is December 1st through February 28th. During the winter, March 1st to November 30th, Temaiken is open Tuesday through Sundays from 10 AM to 6 PM. The zoo is only open on Mondays during certain holidays or the Buenos Aires winter break vacation. As expected, the zoo closes down for other holidays such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.
Aji Morron - Bell Peppers
Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-014 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-015
Temaiken is known as a "bioparque" (biological park) because it is so much more than just a regular "zoo". The park includes a wide variety of animal species that you normally find a zoo, a botanical garden, an aquarium, a natural history museum, and an anthropological museum. The word "Temaiken" is a combination of the words "tem" (land) and "aiken" (life) from the Tehuelches language, formerly spoken by the native Patagonian tribes. So the park's name means "Land of Life".
Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-016 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-017
White & Black Swans
Temperature - Male/Female
Bioparque Temaiken covers about 34 hectares (84 acres of land) that is divided into three major areas including the African zone, the Asian zone and the indigenous zone. The indigenous area is further divided into two sub zones containing species from Patagonia and Mesopotamia. There is also a farm animal section of the zoo called "La Chacra" (The Farm) which the kids really enjoy since they can feed and pet the animals.
Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-019 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-020 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-021
Since it takes hours to see all of the Temaiken Zoo, you'll probably want to stop and eat something during your visit. There are a variety of dining options including "La Chumbeada", "Lo de Mamama", "Choique-Alike", "Talenke-Aike", and "Munchi's". For a quick bite to eat, try the fast food stops such as "Parador Cebras", "Parador Murcielagos", "Parador del Lago", "Parador Cine 360" and "Parador La Matera".
Boardwalks & Green Grass
Tapir Swimming
Some of the other features of the Temaiken Zoo are the bat house (murcielagos), a butterfly garden, the 360 movie theater, and the aquarium hallway with a tube above your head that allows excellent views of sharks and sting rays swimming. There are also interactive centers, a "plaza of animal sensations" (children's playground) and an educational pavilion.
Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-025 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-026
Ring-Tailed Lemurs
Zebra Habitat

Zebra Eating Grass
Pelicano Africano Sign
African Pelican
African Pelican Grooming
Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-032 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-033
Pink Flamingo Walking
Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-034 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-035 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-036
Flamingo Flapping Wings
Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-037 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-038 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-039
Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-040 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-041 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-042
Wooden Bridge
Flamingo Eating
Flamingo Hunting For Fish
Wide Stone Walkway
Temaiken Zoo Map Sign
"Munchi's" Food Stand

During our visit, I captured many short video clips of the animals in action and edited them together into two short movies. To view the videos, click on the blue links below. They are encoded in the WMV (Windows Media Video) format. To download the movies to your hard drive, right click on the links and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".

Temaiken Zoo Animals Video Clip # 1 - Bioparque Temaiken Animales Video # 2
Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-049 Temaiken-Zoo-Escobar-Buenos-Aires-050
Antilope gran kudu
Calao Terrestre
Meerkats Sleeping In Log
Suricata Info Sign
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